About Us

The Corporation

SalesEdge develops an interest in our clients' products and / or services at the senior executive level of their primary target market.

With extensive experience in sales and business relationships, professional staff employ our unique process to set viable and valuable initial sales meetings for companies in a variety of business sectors.

As your strategic partner, SalesEdge delivers a positive, professional image of your firm.


SalesEdge introduces your products and services to interested executives in your key prospective markets. The right kind of sales meetings result in increased sales for your firm.

Our experienced professionals know how to get through to executives at prospective clients. When they do, a carefully worded script explains the value proposition and interested executives will ask for a meeting with a representative from your firm. Our meeting brokers do not sell meetings, because we clearly understand that you don't want your representatives traveling to meetings that have been pushed upon the prospect. We only schedule meetings with interested executives who feel that you may be able to solve a problem, add value or save them money. We do not attempt to qualify over the phone because our meeting brokers are not experts in your business. If asked a question, we will say: "I have written your question down and it will be addressed at the meeting". In addition, we collect 'requests for information' from interested parties and fulfill them with your materials or pass them on to your staff.

So; for launching a new product / service, for gaining entry to a new market, or to shorten your sales cycle and drive revenue – think SalesEdge.

The Process

You provide the prospect criteria and approve the cold-call database. The database, which you retain, goes through a rigorous 3 step development process to ensure accuracy. We collaborate on the development of the brief introductory script and you approve it. You provide us with current meeting calendars for your participating sales professionals, meeting frequency guidelines, and any travel considerations. We set the meetings, confirm the meetings via e-mail, and later reconfirm via telephone. Keeping you, our client, appraised at all times.


Over the years SalesEdge has contributed to positive sales gains for domestic and international corporations. Clients include BDO Dunwoody, Borland, Cognos, Computer Associates, Dell, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Rexall, SAS, and Sun Microsystems.

The Case for Introductory Services

  • Sales people do not cold-call on a regular basis because they dislike it.
  • Sales people who meet regularly with interested senior executives at prospective companies sell more.
  • Real sales producers are hard to find. Retain them and increase their success rate with services from SalesEdge.