Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from Telemarketers?

Telemarketers are specifically structured to cost effectively contact thousands of individual consumers / households to pitch a relatively inexpensive product or service. To do this and still turn a profit they employ young, inexperienced, disinterested phone canvassers. SalesEdge is focused on introducing high value corporate / professional products or services to executives. To do this successfully representing your firm and maintaining your image we employ seasoned executives who have experienced the business challenges your prospect faces.

We have Salespeople to call prospects. Why do we need your service?

The statistics vary somewhat; however in general, (i)it takes 10 dials to reach someone; (ii)only 2% of calls result in a meeting; (iii)only 30% of meetings progress to prospective opportunities; (iv)a top sales professional will close 25% of these opportunities. That's 6667 cold call dials to make a sale! If the average business-to-business sales professional earns $75,000 per year; why would you pay them to cold call? Instead, pay them to meet with already interested prospects and close business!

A report by Gartner Group shows that providing sales professionals with qualified appointments increases their productivity by 150%.

Our image and reputation are very important to us. Can we trust that to service providers?

Yes; but only to service providers like SalesEdge who employ seasoned, experienced, professionals who understand the value of these intangibles and can immediately instill confidence in and readily establish credible rapport with the businesses on the other end of the phone.

Why would we use your call database instead of our own list?

Mergers, acquisitions, sales, bankruptcies, reorganizations, market/product changes, relocations, promotions, career moves, personnel decisions. The cost in dollars and human capital of acquiring and maintaining current & accurate commercial databases is significant. SalesEdge makes this investment every day.

How is your service relevant? Cold-calling isn't effective in today's environment which is why we don't use it.

A survey of CEO's of Fortune 1000 firms by an international business publication identified that next to referrals from clients or business partners, cold-calling generated their highest quality sales leads. Obviously that's cold-calling done right ... professionally.

A growth analysis of Fortune 1000 firms showed that those companies using professional lead generation strategies outpaced their competitors.

How large does a company need to be to use your service?

We have completed successful projects for two partner firms. If your product or service has a price point that justifies our service when closing 6 to 8 sales from a 30 meeting contract; the value is self-evident.

What experience do you have to demonstrate that your Brokers can book meetings in our industry?

Years of successful projects have shown that our model is effective for most industries and markets. We have clients in Manufacturing, Technology, Healthcare, Communications, Legal, Consulting, Pharma/Life Sciences, Finance, Distribution and Consumer services.